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20 top tips for youth soccer coaches

Utilize the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep it Short and Simple) when introducing new skills.

Plan your coaching sessions carefully.

Always be positive - focus on what the player does correctly ("catch them being good") rather than what they are doing wrong.

No static line drills! Play fun, soccer-like games instead.

Don't play "elimination games" - the players most in need of improvement and repetitions are usually the first to be eliminated.

Don't play large sided games for more than 10 minutes per hour. In 8 v 8 or 10 v 10 etc, players don't get enough touches on the ball, the weaker players tend to get the fewest touches and bad habits are reinforced.

Be firm, fair and organized.

Give credit where it is due and give help where it is needed.

Be consistent

Provide learning experiences: in other words, teach.

Make practice and competition fun; but it shouldn't be silly.

Recognize the value of friendships between children.

Show your approval whenever you can.

Listen to the children.

Relax and enjoy yourself!

Emphasize learning skill, not competing.

Reward children for effort.

Build confidence by being positive.

Reduce competitive expectations.

Remember that without mistakes there can be no learning!

 © John Keefer 2013