Our physical therapy and conditioning expert Jason Yung shares his views on conditioning:

Women are 8x more likely to suffer ACL injuries versus males!


Injury Prevention:

A great web site to learn about establishing a conditioning program with exercises to help prevent ACL injuries - knee injuries.


From Coach Mario Perez: "Here is the web site for Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Group's ACL Prevention Project. Click on The PEP (Prevent injury, Enhance Performance) Program link and it will give you a description of the program. It will also let you download the program's exercises.I've used the PEP Program for the past 9 years with my teams and I highly recommend it. I have also included an article from FIFA about the Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Group." 

Learn More About Injuries

(Unless you are a Dr. do not diagnose player injuries!)


Sports Injury Clinic - The sports injury clinic on the net

Click On Image below to Visit the Sports Injury Clinic Symptom Center and find out about specific injuries.



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